The concept began early in 2004 with the formation of a ladies-only group called The Southern California Ladies’ Haunting Society; an organization of women interested in pursuing Halloween related projects at monthly meetings. By the second and third of these meetings, it became apparent that something was missing. The members were passionate about Halloween and haunting, but it was decided that a larger pool of knowledge, particularly in the areas of electronics and mechanical engineering, would be helpful for some of the projects envisioned for the future. Group co-founders Deveron Shudic (Lady Kit) and Myranda Marsh (The Castle Witch) got together and decided it would help to go coed. To do this the group needed a new name. Debbie Valenta (Jersey She-Devil) a third founder of the group suggested the slightly altered: The California Haunting Society or CalHauntS for short, and the name stuck like monster mud to burlap.